Lots of little things getting done in anticipation of opening our doors for good! Fire inspection last week answered one of our questions...where does the fire department want the extinguishers? So they're up and that's another condition satisfied.

We're being proactive with the echos in the new room. All of those beautiful grape pictures are very cool for several reasons. First of all, they are all our grapes thanks to the photography skills of Roger Paige (@focusedtraveler). Secondly, we mounted them on acoustical panels so they are also functional helping to cut down on the sound bouncing around on our bare surfaces. We have more to hang and more to order. Come see all of the beautiful pictures!

That's right, in front of the windows and our view is our first bar. We're keeping the barrel and wood bar look going forward, just cleaned the look up and made them pretty. The redwood is really a nice touch. The bar is already a natural magnet to all that venture in to see the new tasting room's progress.