There she is, our gracious hostess, Maddalena Cordella. Yes, the Queen of Brunello and one of the young professionals who knows where she's going in life. She was fun, informative and energetic. What a good time we had at Cordella!

From the Queen of Brunello, the only cooperative winery to our only vineyard is the remaining 3 wineries on the Brunello wine "boose" tour!

All of the Brunello producers used these large (30hl, 50hl and up) barrels. Most also had the DeVinci glass bungs that visually show what the level of wine in the huge barrels is.

Our new friends from Australia that we should see this fall. Notice how we see another pristine barrel room with all those beautiful barrels for the Brunello.

A winemaker's dream? Maybe! Small barrels were only used for a year of the aging at some wineries or for non-Brunello wines at others.

A common practice is to bottle the wine unlabeled and stack in these cages standing up (for the gases to release we were told). After 3 or so months, they are all stacked in the cages laying down. For DOCG wines, they can only bottle them once they are approved and they only get enough neck labels for the number of bottles. Good thing they only make 1 to 2 types of wine since they are unlabeled for 6 or so months.

At the Cantina, beautiful modern architecture of wood and steel.

Beautiful,'re not getting me up on that catwalk! Again so clean in all of the tank rooms we visited.

The Bridge in the production facility at the Cantina was beautiful to cross as part of our tour and it was the height of those really big tanks. Did I mention vertigo? Quick let's get some vino!

Barrels and more barrels, around the corner the bottled wine aging. We are under the tank room at the Cantina.

Now here's an idea that should catch on. No, it's not a gas station, but much more fun. Bring your empty growler (ok maybe not your beer growler but you get the idea) and fill up for a fraction of the cost. Choose from 4 vintages of wine! Really! Fill 'er up!

Today's offerings for the Self Service wine fill-up! Awesome!

The Brunello is aged in 30HL Slavonian oak casks and 3.5HL barriques at the Costanti winery.

One of the vineyards at Costanti.

In the vineyard at Costanti Winery checking out the Brunello progress. After an unconventionally cool spring their Brunello is a little behind Temecula in growth of our Sangiovese.