Our wine "boose" as the driver pronounced it. Off to Argiano, Cordella, Cantina di Montalcino and Costanti.

Brunello Wine Bus AKA "The Grapeline Shuttle" of Montalcino. We stopped at Argiano, Cordella, had lunch in Montalcino, then headed to Cantina di Montalcino and Costanti. Nice selection of old, new, small, modern and large wineries.

Their label, simple but elegant. The url is also listed in case you want to check out their website (argiano.net).

Argiano has been around for over 5 centuries. This was one of the large castles (my opinion) that we visited. Lots of history and read about it in my book I just finished "A vineyard in Tuscany"...so cool!

Down, down, down to the caves we go.

In the dim cave lights a "cellar rat" is working on racking some wine.

Our guide to the right (self described "redneck" Italian who loves the Man in Black and also dabbles in making wine and working in the family vineyard on the weekends) and one of the other guests (from Australia).

Old bottles stored under a layer of...powdery mold. No sneezing please.

Yup, more really, really old bottles.

There's an Italian version of our Joey working in the winery.

Another shot of the pristine Argiano Winery.

We got one of these too, most be mixing up some additives or maybe the lees with the Guth mixer.

Many of the wineries we visited were just this pristine clean! The tanks are used for controlling the temperature for the fermentations.