One of the first wineries that we visited and one not to be missed.

Recommended by Matteo, we were very happy to find Sestadisopra Winery off a windy dirt road. Hector was on a latter and waved to us as we drove up. Make a reservation if you go, he was kind enough to let us taste without one. The tasting was in his DINING room, awesome-e-o. Wines were superb, winery was pristine and our visit was wonderful. Must see winery!

"Hamming" it up in front of Sestadisopra's Winery door. Let's do some more tasting!

Bob and one of the smaller barrels we saw in Montalcino. The bung was invented by DiVinci we were told. Visually they know how much wine is in the barrel so they know when to top the wine. How clever is that! All of the wineries used them in the big barrels.

Hector and his lovely wife at Sestadisopra Winery in Toscana.

Sitting at Hector's dining room table, tasting with him all his wonderful wines including the Rosso di Montalcino.