Ah yes, the rolling hills of Montalcino in Toscana where it is best known for their Brunello Sangiovese. The hills are really full of red flowers, sunflowers, Cyprus lined driveways, olive groves, woods and most importantly grapes. Only non-Sangiovese grapes are allowed to be irrigated...interesting!

Our beautiful agriturisimo that we stayed at outside of town...Quercecchio. Matteo was a gracious host with a vast knowledge of Brunello, the region, wineries to visit, olives, beaches, and all of our various questions. He also gave us a private tasting of their wine they produce plus a onsite winery tour. Grazie!

Our first wine tasting was at Fattoi where we went a little crazy (awesome wine) and purchased our first Brunello (a 5 liter) and some grappa. No, it won't make it home :)

Another shot of our Toscana home for a week.

Look at that puny 750 next to our beautiful 5 liter Brunello! Look at how happy we all are!

Oh yes! Our home for a week in the country in the Montalcino (Brunello) region of Toscana. Our host, Matteo, was very knowledgeable of the region, wineries, beaches, and every other question we threw at him. He even gave us an insider tasting and tour of their on-site winery. The property was perfectly situated near the woods of Montalcino, stars were abundant while we sipped our Brunello by the pool, under the big oak and in the beautiful courtyard. Awww, what a week!

The sunset taken from our pool side paradise at Quercecchio where we stayed while in Toscana.