Our home base in central Roma, aka B&B

We came, we saw, we did Roma! Bring your best walking shoes for this cobblestone city. Our luggage took their own vacation for the first 2 days, but we eventually met up to spend it together. Limited pictures of Roma since we didn't have a camera for 2 days. Check out the pictures as we went to the Vatican, monuments, fountains, ruins and of course the coliseum. Don't worry, we did taste the foods of Roma and some lovely wines.

Yup, the one and only Coliseum

A little remodeling and it'll be as good as new!

Many a gladiator fought in here for entertainment purposes

Quite the sight!

Our new little fixer-up-er!

One of the many vintages we HAD to taste

Nero's old diggs

Just another cool building in Roma

Me and Michele (sis-in-law) enjoying some vino

Starter plate: smashed peas, artichokes, salamis, cheeses, yum!Every place has their own rendition of this starter. Some many ideas for the deli!! Hope you're ready for them Tyler and Ron!

Goddess of wine, need I say no more!

Once a Pope is blessed they are displayed for the people to see


Altar was made from Bronze from the Pantheon

Below the Vatican all of the Popes and 2 special Women are buried like this

St. Peters Square

Pope greeting the crowd on Wednesday (weekly)Can you find the Pope? He was actually quite close to us!

One of the establishments that we tried their food

In the museum at the Vatican...our logo :)

Dog parking, Roma style! Mocha and Monte need to be here too!

Another day out in Roma. Notice the little cars (smart, mini-cooper, fiat, scooters). Interesting parking techniques as well. Water was a must and you can fill up at the local fountain (really).

Typical cobblestone street in Roma