Our day trip to Montepulciano begins!

Well you know we had to go to Montepulciano! The town was (my guess) 4x the size of Montalcino. The town is built on caves that store all of the wine, barrels, tanks, amazing. Enjoy these pictures from our day trip visit.

Not like the crowds in Roma, very laid back and peaceful in the heart of the town.

Jail break anyone? I mean for these poor bottles of old Sangiovese. I think they need a re-trial!

Hmmmmm, I could get used to this view! Montepulciano sure is beautiful sitting there on top of the world!

What goes down must come up! I believe there were over 60 steps and close together. The caves were amazing and we kept going down to different levels of the town.

The winemaker or cellar master can tell how much wine is in the barrack (barrel) by looking at the level of wine in these interesting old school bungs. So cool looking and more useful then our plain ole bungs!

So Rick and Bob just had to buy some sausages after visiting a local deli. Because you know we weren't getting enough sausage in our diet :) Seriously good stuff. We happy houred at our Agriturisimo with these, olives, and vino.