These stairs took you from the parking lot up a couple of floors to the roof top restaurant and vineyard. What a work of art! Not to mention that most of the walking the stairs are in open air so the views are incredible not to mention the heights :)

Newly opened this spring we had the opportunity to spend the day eating, touring, tasting and taking in the magnificent architecture of this sustainable winery in Florence. Oh and they have a little side project that you may have heard of...Stag's Leap in Napa. From the highway outside of Florence you only see the top floor of the winery tucked into the hillside like a spaceship ready to take off for the mother ship at any time. Hmmm a mother ship winery, sounds interesting!

The driveway takes you through a newly planted vineyard on top of the roof of the winery.

Not sure how many levels the parking lot was so we decided to just stop by the stairs to the winery.

What a view! The metal objects in the yard are the light/vent holes in the roofs of the various barrel rooms and other rooms below. In the corner is their restaurant where we had an enjoyable lunch with an incredible view...oh and some wine!

"floating" above those serene barrels in one of the barrel rooms is the room where we did our tastings. I don't know who cleans those windows but I know I couldn't do it. You're pretty high above those barrels and drinking wine! Well couldn't be all that bad! And yes, the wine was very smooth, beautiful on the palette.

The family has many museum pieces including priceless art and this DaVinci grape press. It was twice my height to give you an idea of it's immenseness (I'm 5'4" so not a giant but that's a big antique press!). Very cool that the items are there for us to enjoy.