I think we walked from side to side many a time while visiting Florence. One side was more of a city full of life, the other more of a hilly village filled with secret gardens.

The last leg of our epic (we thought) Italy trip. We decided to check out the gardens, the Dome, some shopping and found a few pubs to become locals at. We happened to be there for the anniversary of Florence. The first night we were in the middle of a marathon, then there's the parade and (unfortunately rained out our week)Calcio Storico 2013. Beautiful town, friendly locals and a great way to end our trip.

One more tourist place that my Brother and I had to check out...the Dome or Duoma. We did the quick tour but unfortunately did not have time to climb the tower or scale the inside of the choir loft (actually I don't think I'm that brave so appreciate the satire please!)Have you ever seen a 24 hour clock? They've got one above the door!

Now that's some impressive gardening. So clean and majestic, this was a nice change from the hustle and bustle of Roma...but wouldn't want to miss any of the adventures don't get me wrong!

The parade before the ancient football/soccer/boxing/anything goes Calcio Fiorentino. The parade went on for about an hour. We couldn't get tickets to the sold out event. But then the rains came. The game was postponed for a week so we got to watch it from San Diego :)

Our favorite hang out in Florence, Annie's British pub. It was a block from our B&B...aka perfecto! We drank them out of Prosecco and then Pinot Grigio. It was a tough job but we took the challenge and succeeded! Seriously we got great tips on where to eat, shop, learning a few phrases of Italian not in our books, or whatever we needed.

More beautiful piazzas with magnificent architecture.

Guards marched around wearing colorful authentic uniforms which made you feel like you were there 100's or 1000's of years ago.

You know me, if it's got grapes on it, I've got to take a picture of it. This column was extremely cool with the 3d vine and grapes motif.

A little Cougar fountain in one of the secret gardens.

So ancient life must have been pretty daunting. The head of the statue is this big...imagine when it was a hole body? And do you think there was just one? Amazing to think of these crazy statues, at least for me...